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These are the coins that you will most likely have the best success of finding.

Especially now a days with the higher quality control standards.You have come to the right place if you need accurate and up to date value information about coins.An unused or mint stamp is generally worth much more than a used one.The table listed below provides average coin values and prices for Lincoln wheat cents based upon the condition of the coin.

The nation was careening relentlessly toward dissolution and civil war.Learning Coins is an educational activity that introduces elementary age children to US coins and the dollar bill.

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Coin Help used the average value that coins have sold for, in the last few months or the last two or three years, at eBay, Heritage Coin Auctions and other online coin sales.You can also learn how to appropriately judge the condition.

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There are only about 40 of these out there that are actually know of.We have seen the same trend with Indian Head pennies, most of which are.

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As these pennies continue to become rarer and harder to find, their values will only increase.This price guide will give you an approximate value and price for your Lincoln Wheat penny.As of 2010 this coin was worth 200,000 dollars and I am sure since then this coin has only increased in value and will.Coin value price guides are an average value for graded coins and not as an authority for exact coin values.

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Students are asked to identify various coins by name and to describe the value of each coin in cents.

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By the way, the obverse is the front of the coin, and the reverse is the back, or tails side.As the years go by, wheat penny values continue to climb higher.Converting between coins involves finding a coin or group of coins that have the same value in cents.Includes rare coin varieties, price guide with values and a discussion forum.

The 1909 VDB Wheat Penny was minted in 1909 at the San Francisco California mint.The price of copper has more than quadrupled over the past 10 years.On the right wheat stem at the inner bottom there appears to be 4 or 5 leaves added, leaves, not grain.

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Coins are introduced to children with audio support and with interactive activities.More than 250 coin pictures in colour, and over 200 pages of information.