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The AT varies from person to person, and, within a given individual, sport to sport.


VO2 max is an acronym for maximal oxygen uptake and is also known as aerobic capacity, aerobic power or maximal oxygen uptake.Good 2k erg times depend heavily on having a good VO2 max because during a 2k erg test, you are working near your VO2 max.This is an excellent measure of physical fitness because it provides a metric of efficiency.If an individual has a high VO2 max reading this indicates an exceptional oxygen delivery system and contributes to outstanding endurance performances.

The maximal oxygen consumption rate (VO2 max) is a measure of how much oxygen is used during exercise.A professional athlete that is tapered would come in around 80-90.Many elite female athletes have higher VO2 max values than most men.In specific terms, VO2 max is the highest rate at which you can transport oxygen (via blood) to your muscles so that your muscles can produce energy aerobically.It is typically measured with the athlete wearing a breathing apparatus that determines how much oxygen is inhaled and how much is exhaled.

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Recovery is about fifty to seventy percent of what a normal week.

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When you exercise, this level increases, and VO2 Max is the level at which the amount of oxygen you processes hits its max and levels out.EXOS states that during a VO2 test, the subject performs physical activity, such as running.VO2max is widely accepted as the standard gauge of cardiorespiratory fitness.Data of the mean change in VO2 between VO2max and the closest neighboring data point based on 60 s, 30 s.

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Normal values for VO2 and the VO2-HR relationship.

VO2 max is the maximal capacity for oxygen consumption by the body during maximal exertion.

It tells us the maximum amount of oxygen that our bodies are able to consume when exercising.The determination of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) is a general indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness of an individual (B. Knechtle).VO2max is the maximal amount of oxygen (in millilitres) absorbed per minute per kilogram of body weight.

VO2 Max is defined as the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise.

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The source of their fatigue lay elsewhere. (But would their normal VO2 max levels.That means 120% of LT power output on the bike (or greater), 92% of your 5k race pace (or faster), and 75-93% of your average 100-meter split from a 400-meter swimming time trial.

In general, as your aerobic fitness increases, your VO2 max increases.VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal aerobic capacity exercise.V02 peak VO2 max represents the highest running oxygen amountachievable during a high intensity test.

VO 2 max is an indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance What is VO 2 max.Heart rate on the other hand is the rate at which your heart beats per minute.VO2 max values cannot be used in every day training, but follow-up VO2 tests can be used as a measure of progress.V02 max. V02 max is defined as the maximal volume of oxygen that the body can deliver to the working muscles per minute.

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Your VO2 max is a great way to measure cardiovascular fitness.

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There is something called VO2 max or aerobic capacity but on any given day it can vary.The VO2 Max represents your peak oxygen uptake, ie, your ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles.The VO2max or maximal oxygen uptake is a key physiological measure of cardiovascular fitness and can help to explain differences in sporting performance between individuals.

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Vo2 Max Chart for Rating Your Fitness Level Using any of the Vo2 Tests from the Fitness Forms or Metabolics System you can compare your current level of fitness with the following normative tables for Vo2 Max.

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